Healthcare is one of the most highly regulated industries, burdened with several compliance challenges. Growing competition is compelling healthcare payers and providers to increase the quality of care and improve health outcomes by embracing modernization with new digital tools and technologies. This brings with it added risks - threat of data breaches of health records of millions. Healthcare payers and providers must embed a strong system of good governance, risk, and compliance management that functions in a coordinated and systematic manner. MetricStream Solutions streamline, automate, and integrate governance, risk, and compliance processes across the enterprise, enabling timely mitigation of risks, strengthen regulatory compliance, improve the cybersecurity posture, proactively prepare for regulatory audits, and resolve issues swiftly.


Key Solutions
Enterprise GRC

Strengthen business performance through an integrated GRC approach that enables you to anticipate, and manage risks in a holistic manner.
Regulatory Compliance

Adopt an integrated approach to stay on top of changing regulatory obligations while implementing policies to sustain compliance.
Corporate Compliance

Streamline policy creation and communication, manage ethics and compliance surveys, and track compliance cases and incidents.

Aggregate and integrate data on IT risks, threats, compliance, policies, and controls to effectively anticipate and mitigate cyber risk.
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Solution Brief
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Case Study
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Product Overview
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Analyst Report
  • MetricStream a Leader in Chartis’ 2017 RiskTech Quadrant® for TPRM
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  • Chartis Research Report 2019
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  • We’re Delighted to Be Recognized as a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Vendor Risk Management Tools
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Customer Experience
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Measurable Outcomes

Boost risk and compliance visibility and ensure better health outcomes

  • 90% reduction in the time taken to manage compliance activities.
  • 50% decrease in compliance issues.
  • 80% improvement in risk and control framework-related operational efficiency.
  • 66% compression in IT risk assessment timelines.

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