The Utilities industry is challenged with rapid digital transformation and smarter customers. With more providers in play, consumers are looking at organizations that are customer centric, have a digitized environment, record and store accurate information, and offer more online services.  Along with prevalent risks and regulatory challenges, the digital era exposes newer risk areas with extensive reach and impact. The Utilities industry must adopt a unified approach to mitigate enterprise risks, along with efficient compliance to regulations, optimized audit efforts, and digital security across their value chain. MetricStream solutions for the Utilities industry provide an effective framework to manage and mitigate operational as well as enterprise risks and efficiently build compliance processes.


Key Solutions
Integrated Risk Management

Aggregate both current and emerging risks across geopolitical, digital, strategic, third-party, cybersecurity, and compliance areas.
Regulatory Compliance

Adopt an integrated approach to stay on top of changing regulatory obligations while implementing measures to sustain compliance.
Supplier Risk

Prevent supply chain disruptions and vulnerabilities by effectively managing supplier risks, performance, and enabling compliance.

Aggregate and integrate data on IT risks, threats, compliance, policies, and controls to effectively anticipate and mitigate cyber risks.
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Customer Experience
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Measurable Outcomes

Modernize your processes with an aggregate view of risks and regulations.

  • 90% compression in compliance management timelines.

  • 66% decrease in the time needed to complete IT risk assessments.

  • 90% improvement in time spent on audit review.

  • 80% reduction in third-party onboarding time.

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