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We empower organizations to transform risk into a strategic advantage

    Gain insights on emerging third-party risks, their financial and reputational impact, and estimated losses and take preventive measures.


    Gather risk and compliance intelligence from all tiers of suppliers and third parties and provide advice to stakeholders for better decision making.


    Leverage risk insights to enable strategic sourcing, to ensure performance, to improve negotiations and to decide on future projects and investments.



    Enhance business resilience by seamlessly embedding risk management practices into third-party sourcing and contracting routines to prevent potential disruptions.

Supplier Risk

Mitigate existing and potential risks from suppliers, strengthen resilience, contain costs, and optimize business performance.
Digital Risk

Empower businesses to stay competitive and agile with visibility into top digital risks associated with the enterprise, technology, and third parties. 
Integrated Risk

Make risk-informed decisions by effectively managing current and emerging risks across geopolitical, digital, strategic, third-party, cybersecurity, and compliance areas.
Enterprise GRC

Strengthen business performance through an integrated GRC approach that helps organizations anticipate, understand, and manage their risks in a holistic manner.
Supplier Risk and Performance
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Better Insights.
Better Decisions.
Measurable Outcomes

Effectively manage the extended enterprise with an enterprise-wide, third-party governance program with comprehensive and real-time information

  • Reduce the number of third-party risk incidents and the potential financial or reputational loss.

  • Lower costs through third-party consolidation, efficient negotiation of contracts, and SLA tracking .

  • Reduce losses by proactively resolving supplier performance issues and accelerating time to market.

  • Strengthen brand reputation and shareholder confidence by demonstrating the ability to prevent potential third-party disruptions.

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Supplier Risk and Performance

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