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MetricStream University

Enabling Customers and Partners


We drive product adoption and implementation capabilities for MetricStream customers and partners. Our role based product-specific and platform trainings are designed to enable you to effectively use product, configure use cases, extend platform features or integrate with other tools. Enablement sessions are delivered through various modes of training, simulation exercises and certification programs.



  • Immersive Learning Experience through Consultative, Interactive & Goal focused approach.
  • Learn by practicing with real world datasets in lab sessions.
  • Flexible training schedule and format (Live & On-demand) to allow you to take care of your regular work.
  • End user Role Based customized training for business roll out.


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  • Get Trained & Certified to enhance your productivity and competitiveness for better ROI
  • Role and Career Level based Certifications to enhance your work profile
    • Product (Specialist)
    • Developer (Associate & Specialist)
    • System Admin (Specialist)
    • Implementation (Specialist)
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The training delivered was absolutely first class. The trainer’s extensive knowledge of MetricStream was immediately evident and she was able to clearly explain complex concepts. Her teaching manner and delivery was also very strong. The training she delivered has already enabled us to present MetricStream in the best possible light to our stakeholders.

A Large Government Department in the United Kingdom

The first impact of the training was the readiness I got to execute my assigned roles as a BA. The training empowered me to get a sound base on the GRC Foundation.

A Strategic US Partner

I appreciate the training a lot and it is useful for my work as a solution owner. The trainer did an excellent job. The information you shared in the training really helped us and we now have better understanding of the system.

A Swedish Furniture Retailer

“I wanted to inform you that the trainer is doing a great job of delivering the training. Her knowledge of the product and how companies use the product is superb! You are really fortunate to have a great employee like her, she represents the quality of your company well, and you should definitely consider her for your pre-sales team in the future because she would be of great value to that team!”

A Big 4 Accounting Firm

"We wanted to thank our trainer for the excellent training. She was very knowledgeable and knew what we wanted to learn from the training. When we asked her questions around how we should do certain things in MetricStream, she gave us the pros and cons as well as how she thought we could improve. This was the most helpful training we have gotten from MetricStream. We would highly recommend the training anyone who needs training in MetricStream."

A Federal Bank in Chicago



Product-specific courses designed to improve understanding on how to effective use MetricStream products: CyberGRC, BusinessGRC, ESGRC



Learn how to configure, integrate, extend and customize MetricStream products: System Administration, AppStudio, Reporting and Analytics Implementation



Short courses designed for specific roles in your GRC Program



Course Agenda designed specific to your requirements


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